Rules to Play By — now accepting submissions

Rules to Play By. An exhibition of rules, instructions, recipes, scripts, programs, and scores intersecting games & art.

Now accepting submissions at! I am co-curating, with Brianna Shuttleworth, an exhibition of art/games inspired by Fluxus scores, surrealist games, instruction art, etc. The exhibition will be held in two locations during the weekend of July 27–29, 2018 in St. Louis, MO. One location is a popup art gallery. The other is within Pixelpop […]

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Midpoint thoughts on 108 Koans Retrospective

I am now over half-way through recording the 108 Koans Five Year Retrospective. It feels good to be regularly putting stuff out there, even if no one is watching. I’m not even sure I want anybody to watch them. But that’s the perfectionist in me talking. The Retrospective is really all about the act of […]

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