Developing for Amazon Alexa

This summer when I spoke at PixelPop Festival, I went to a talk by Mike Lee about developing games for Amazon Alexa. He was working for a game studio that created a sort of “choose your own adventure” interactive radio play. Silvia and I have been writing a series of radio plays, so I was […]

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Virtual Reality Puzzle Game

Introduction My most recent VR project is a simple Simon-esque game in which the player must select floating orbs in the correct sequence in order to pass through a dungeon. This was the fourth project for Udacity’s VR Developer Nanodegree. I enjoyed this project a lot because there was more emphasis on designing a good […]

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UI sketching supplies

pens, markers, and stencils for making UI sketches

I pretty much always start on paper when sketching out new ideas (I even write code on paper sometimes). So I really nerded out when I discovered UI Stencils—they have a pixel ruler!! I love anything that brings the digital into the physical world. I splurged and bought myself a bunch of sketching supplies, with […]

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