Derek Dadian-Smith

Interdimensional Emporium & Gifts

Interdimensional Emporium & Gifts was an immersive experience combining 3D modeling, augmented reality (AR), 3D printing, UI design, photography, glitch art, sound design, video production, and scene design & construction. One of the primary goals was to incorporate AR technology into a narrative without it being too gimmikcy.

The event was promoted as the grand opening of a new store that sells objects procured from other dimensions. The only way to see these items was through augmented reality. After viewing the items, customers could make a selection at the inderdimensional vending machine to receive a 3D printed version of the object they chose. But not everything is as it seems!

Interdimensional Emporium & Gifts is a commentary on commercialism, advertising, consumer culture, and internet shopping.

This was a collaborative project. I served the role of project manager, artistic director, and writer.