Derek Dadian-Smith

Escape the Room: Old Man Grimm

Escape the Room: Old Man Grimm was a cooperative physical puzzle game in which players had to solve a series of interconnected puzzles in a given amount of time. I lead a team of six students in the conception, design, and execution of the escape room. Puzzles included a combination of hidden clues, observation/association, pencil & paper, object manipulation, and sensor puzzles built with Arduino.

We collaborated with theatre students to create the set design for the room, public relations students to promote the event, and web design students to create a web-based interactive narrative explaining the backstory of the room.

In addition to managing the project, I designed a branch of the puzzles, led the playtesting, and made adjustments to the puzzles' difficulty.

The two-night event was fully booked and drew over 80 participants.